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I am an emerging, self-taught photographer and painter. Born in polar Archangel, raised in St.Petersburg, now living in the virgin nature of Finland. Making art was my passion for years, though I started publish my works in late 2016 when I turned 40. 

I love to create visually simple and graphic, but surrealistic and symbolic artworks with complexity and depth in it. With my work, I invite everyone to find out or to imagine the own story behind every image. 

I find it interesting to discover and depict elements of eternal in ordinary everyday things, for I believe every human life is a part of Big Picture we all living in. I have a number of projects that I am adding artworks to:

One of my main current project is Graphica - series of award-winning geometrical black and white works. Here I am studying lines and forms, trying to express ideas and feelings with very limited visual tools.

Apocalypse At Noon series inspired by Ray Bradbury stories and Edward Hopper paintings. This is a visual novel of simple life in a small town right before catastrophe. Feeling of upcoming collapse of the known world is the main atmosphere of the series.  

Black Album - a series of black and white photography where I explore fears, uncertainty, phobias and tensions of introvert soul.

Silence, cold, cloudy weather, still water and melancholy...   With my project Silent North I photograph isolated places with dreamy landscapes, trying to transfer the sense of surreal and lonely you feel alone in the virgin nature of Scandinavia.

With People project I want to capture true emotions, whenever sad or happy for they are an essential part of our human nature.

Flame is a collection of abstract figures drawn by the flame in the full darkness. Free your imagination to see them!

For original fine art prints please visit my shop at Saatchi Art or Art Finder online galleries. Feel free to request originals direct from studio.

With love,

 Vlad Maltsev in the studio

Awards 2017 /



Fine Art Photography Award (FAPA)

London, UK
Nominee (Conceptual)


Photography Awards

3 Honourable Mention in categories: Conceptual, Fine Art

  35 Awards,. 100 best photos of the year.     Moscow. Finalist in Conceptual Art

35 Awards,. 100 best photos of the year.    Moscow. Finalist in Conceptual Art